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【IC card】Cingjing Guest House→Hehuan Mountain


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清境農場→合歡山 x1 (需預約)

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※ Reserve & Take the bus Step:

  • Step1:After online reservation is completed, the system will send 【南投假期預約成功通知信Appointment notification letter】 to your Email or show on [Nantou Holiday] website member center.
  • Step2:Wait in line at the reserved 【Boarding Station上車站點】5 minutes before departure, and be sure to wave your hand to board.
  • Step3:Please inform the driver Name of reservation person in order to check the identity on the day of reservation.
  • Step4:Tap card(IPASS/Easy-card) when getting on & off the bus to pay the fare or buy tickets from the driver(No change available).

★Taping the card when getting on & off the bus. If it’s not used properly, the Card will be Locked.★

※The bus will start at the bus stop in front of the Cingjing Mist Plaza parking lot entrance.

※It will not limited to the drop-off bus stop. You can choose any ntbus stop to get off in cingjing area along the way.

It will be available to book in 1 day 12 o'clock to 7 days before the date of travel. In case of holiday, the appointment will be advanced to 12 o'clock【on the previous business day】.
E.g. Reservations for Saturday, Sunday, and next Monday will be closed before 12 o'clock every Friday.
E.g. If you want to reserve 6/21 (Mon.), you can make an appointment from 6/14 (Mon.) AM12:00 to 6/18 (Fri.) PM12:00.
In case of consecutive holidays, the appointment deadline will also end early.

※Running Time(if the traffic flows smoothly): Cingjing Guest House國民賓館-(5mins)-Qingqingcaoyuan青青草原-(3mins)-Songgang松崗-(9mins)-Cuifeng翠峰-(30mins)-WuLing武嶺-(3mins)-Songsyue Lodge松雪樓-(10mins)-Xiaofenkou小風口.

Since the intermediate bus stop is estimated arrival time, please wait at bus stop before 5 minutes in advance, when you see bus coming, please wave your hands to avoid missing the bus.

※Cingjing Guest House-Hehuan Mountain one-day ticket NT$160(buy it from the driver by Cash only(Unlimited taking the bus on one day)(No change available))

※If you have any questions, please contact 049-2984031#39.(Mon.-Fri. 8:00AM~12AM、13:30PM~17:30PM)

★Due to the unstable weather in the mountains (such as heavy fog, heavy rain, snow, etc.),the route may temporarily stop driving for safety reasons.★

Please confirm that your card balance is sufficient before boarding. If it’s not enough, please buy tickets from the driver.

※Half ticket qualification:
1.Seniors over the age of 65 who present proof of identity (limited to Taiwanese).
2.Foreigners must hold an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) and be over the age of 65.
3.Persons with disabilities who hold registration card, and one of their necessary guardians or companions.
4.Child regulations:
(1)Aged under 6 years old, it is free to take, but it's not allowed to occupy the seat. 
(2)Aged 6~12 years old, half tickets can be purchased by presenting the identity document.
(3)Aged over 12 years old, it need to purchase full tickets. 
If you use a half-ticket card, please present your identification to verify your identity. 

(二)If you don't receive 【南投假期預約成功通知信Appointment notification letter】, here are 2 ways to check the appointment.
1.You can find QRcodes at your Email.
2.Login to 【Nantou Holiday】website member center→『My orders(Completed)』.

(一)Be sure to confirm the『Date日期』and『Shift Time班次』and『Boarding Station上車站點』after receiving the QRcode details.
(二)Cingjing - Hehuan Mountain Route timetable:
※Ntbus retain the right to adjust the change of fare details on the website and announce it on the website without prior notice.

(一)Cancel Appointment (Refund request):

1.Step:Login to【Nantou Holiday】website→『Member center』My orders(Completed)』Select the orderRefund request』.
2.After the Cingjing Travel Agency replies and cancels the application, and the appointment hasn’t be closed, the number of appointments will be released.

(二)Change Shift time:

Please re-book and apply for【Cancel Appointment】for old orders.

★Due to the unstable weather in the mountains (such as heavy fog, heavy rain, snow, etc.),the route may temporarily stop driving for safety reasons.★

* If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email.
Customer Service(Nantou Bus): +886-49-2984031#39(Mon.-Fri. 8:00AM~12AM、13:30PM~17:30PM)

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